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Finance Tech Group (FTG) is a management entity for its subsidiaries and product lines.  It was established to provide those subsidiaries with the appropriate business and technical strategy for the provided services.  FTG strives to match technical efficiency with financial efficiency in order to maintain pecuniary independence and increase return on capital investment.



FTG Provides many products in addition to its services.  Some products include Fluid Ends from Kalt Manufacturing, generator sets and light towers from GenSolutions, and hydraulic power unit packaging.  FTG ensures that the products offered are reliable and cost efficient for our customers.  FTG also provides the service personnel to assist in the setup, maintenance and repair of these products.

Subsidiaries & Partnerships

FTG aligns itself with businesses that equally share its enthusiasm in its financial practices and technical knowledge. 



Through Gallion Services we offer full engineering capability. This includes application engineering, design, working drawings, bill of materials, work instruction, quality and inspection procedures and project management. Gallion Services utilizes SolidWorks 3d modeling software and various other programs for schematics and analysis. We are experienced in full engine driven equipment along with fabricated structures of all types. Skilled at structural analysis inclusive of FE.

Asset Management

We can develop capital asset and equipment tracking programs tailored to a customer’s requirement. This includes a complete database that tracks each asset and documents all the information on the assets along with the history of repairs, maintenance, and rebuild.  The systems are described as “S.M.A.R.T.” systems. S ervice M anagement A nd R esource T racking. This coupled with the financial strategy described within the financial aspect of our offerings can result in an accurate asset cash flow strategy


Our extensive experience and knowledge help provide our clients with an evaluation of their equipment to develop realistic cost models.  This is inclusive of an economical evaluation within the market, equipment life cycle cost, and a variety of operational cost metrics.  This information is vital in making strategic decisions that will help increase your return on capital investment (ROCI).  This ultimately helps your business position itself well in the market due to lower cost and increased profitability.

Repair and Maintenance

We provide scheduled and unscheduled repair and maintenance services in our shop or in the field for engine powered equipment. This includes Oilfield Equipment of all kinds, Power Generation Equipment, Hydraulic Systems and equipment.



We also provide refurbishment their equipment.  This is done by evaluating equipment that has reached the end of its current life cycle, suffers low utilization due to downtime, or needs to just be re-purposed.  In addition to the evaluation our services provide the design, breakdown, rebuild, and validation.  By salvaging parts that are still in good condition it can help lower our client’s capital expenditure in lieu of buying new packaged equipment. A return on capital investment analysis also is performed to insure a Return on Capital Invested ROCI.

Capital Equipment Packaging

 Providing the service of packaging specialized capital equipment. This includes engine driven Chemical Transfer Equipment, Pumping equipment, Customer Generator Sets, Power Units and Hydraulic Systems along with Power Packs.

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